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2017 Challenger Show Series

To enter shows you can contact your Show Secretary at: Phone (530) 701-0824 or you can e-mail entries to Show Secretary, Debra Robbins at Be sure and put the class, the horse's name, owner & rider's names.

All classes follow NCHA rules (except Ranch Class)
Entries are due for all shows the Wednesday before the show, no later than 9 PM.

If possible please use our Easy & Fast online Show Entry Form.

Shows start at 8:00 AM until further notice

All shows will be held at the Curtis Ranch, 12516 Fig Road in Wilton, CA. (map)

ALL Club Show dates are TENTATIVE pending weather (rain) and any overlapping NCHA/PCCHA shows that may be placed over ours. We ask that you please understand that IF another show that is in close proximity or is an NCHA/PCCHA show that will seriously effect entries, please expect us to make changes SHOULD such an overlap occur.

2017 Show Schedule

Show Date Location Judge Entry Deadline
March 19 - CANCELLED Curtis Ranch, Wilton March 15
April 9 - CANCELLED (see rescheduled) Curtis Ranch, Wilton   April 5
April 12-15 CANCELLED (see reschedule below)
CCC Spring Fling NCHA/PCCHA Approved
Rancho Murietta **see note
April 23 - CANCELLED Curtis Ranch, Wilton April 19
May 13 (resched. from April 9) Curtis Ranch, Wilton   May 9
May 25-28 (from April 12-15)
CCC Spring Fling NCHA/PCCHA Approved (Indoor/Outdoor)
Rancho Murietta   **see note
June 24 Curtis Ranch, Wilton   June 21
June 25 Curtis Ranch, Wilton   June 21
July 23 Curtis Ranch, Wilton   July 19
August 20 Curtis Ranch, Wilton   August 16
September 24 Curtis Ranch, Wilton September 21
October 22
Curtis Ranch, Wilton   October 18

**IMPORTANT: For information on the May 25-28th show only, contact Kathy Grimes at 805-934-0897 evenings/weekends 805-680-1294 days or email Stalls are due by May 18. Call above numbers or email your stall count to before the deadline. Show is scheduled for the Outdoor arena unless over 90 degrees then show will be moved to indoor arena!

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Shows start at 8:00 AM until further notice

Classes & Working Order       Start time: 8:00 AM


CCC – May 25, 26, 27 & 28 – 2017
  *Starts After Non Pro*
Non Pro  
Open Derby (Thurs-Sat) 50K Amateur
Non Pro Derby (Thurs-Sat) Open 5/6 (Thurs-Sat)
5K Novice Non Pro 5/6 (Thurs-Sat)
5K Novice Non Pro Youth
25K Novice 35K Non Pro
25K Novice Non Pro 15K Amateur
2,500 Novice 2K Limit

NOTE: There is a $5 CA drug fee per horse at every show

Clements Cutting Club Announcement!

Since our Club is now an NCHA Challenger Series show, we have to abide by NCHA rules, one of which, is the number of horses that can be ridden in a class by one individual. The rule is two horses. If you are a trainer and need to tune up horses for a client, we will be offering a fresh cattle class after the open that will not be judged and will not have a jackpot associated with it, therefore, those that would like to school in a show situation will have that opportunity. It will still be 2 ½ minutes, like any other class, but the fees will be less with no jackpot. NCHA is meeting at their convention in June and this situation will be discussed and possibly changed, however for now, it is a rule. Please make sure to add this class to your entry if you are interested! Thank you, we look forward to Sunday, April 9th.

Syd Curtis
CCC President

2017 Show Sponsor Opportunities

The Clements Cutting Club offers a unique opportunity to our Champion buckle supporters for the 2017 season.

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Want to sponsor a buckle?

We will announce your generosity each month at our shows and your name and business card will be on our board at each show.

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Vendor Participation

We welcome Vendor participation and wish to speak to you personally about all opportunities available during our show season!!

2017 Sponsors

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