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2015 Show Calendar

To enter shows you can contact your Show Secretary at: Phone 209-256-5669 or you can e-mail entries to Show Secretary, Ashley Thomas at Be sure and put the class, the horse's name, owner & rider's names.

All classes follow NCHA rules (except Ranch Class)
Entries are due for all shows the Wednesday before the show, no later than 9 PM.

If possible please use our Easy & Fast online Show Entry Form.

Shows start at 8:00 AM.

All shows will be held at the Curtis Ranch, 12516 Fig Road in Wilton, CA. (map)

2015 Show Schedule

Show Date Location Judge Entry Deadline
March 22 Curtis Ranch, Wilton March 18
April 12 Curtis Ranch, Wilton April 8
April 19th NCHA/PCCHA Pending Approval Curtis Ranch, Wilton   April 15
May 17 Curtis Ranch, Wilton   May 13
June 21 Curtis Ranch, Wilton   June 17
July 19 Curtis Ranch, Wilton July 15
August 16 Curtis Ranch, Wilton   August 12
September 20 Curtis Ranch, Wilton September 16
October 18
Curtis Ranch, Wilton   October 14

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Shows start at 8:00 AM.

Classes & Working Order       Start time: 8:00 AM

Class & Working Order Added
Cattle/Office Fresh Cattle # of Works
Open   25   2
Non Pro   25   2
50,000 Amateur 25   2
15,000 Novice   25   2
15,000 Amateur   25   reworked cattle
Youth       2
15,000 Novice NP   25   2
5,000 Novice   25   2
5,000 Novice NP 25   2
2,000 Limited   25   reworked cattle
Two-Handed Ranch   25   reworked cattle

Clements Cutting Club Point System

The point system is pretty easy and straight forward. Every horse in a class gets at least 1 point, with the exception of a 0. Horses are awarded points according to how many horses are in the class. If there's 7 horses, the first place horse gets 7 points, the 2nd place horse 6, the 3rd place horse 5 and so on, with the exception of 60s. All 60s get 1 point just for coming and showing.

The point system examples are as follows:

5 horses in a class
score: place: points:
72 1st 5
71 2nd 4
65 3rd 3
60 4th 1
60 4th 1

8 horses in a class (Tie - add placings tied for and divide by number of horses that tied for positions. In this case 2 riders tie for 3rd/4th - 6pts + 5pts = 11 then divide by 2 = 5.5pts each)

8 horses in a class
score: place: points:
72 1st 8
71 2nd 7
69 3rd/4th 5.5
69 3rd/4th 5.5
67 5th 4
65 6th 3
62 7th 2
60 8th 1

2015 Show Sponsor Opportunities

The Clements Cutting Club offers a unique opportunity to our Champion buckle supporters for the 2015 season.

Sign-up Form Here

Want to sponsor a buckle?

We will announce your generosity each month at our shows and your name and business card will be on our board at each show.

Download Sponsorship Packages Here

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Vendor Participation

We welcome Vendor participation and wish to speak to you personally about all opportunities available during our show season!!

2015 Sponsors

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